Verdus Labs

Intelligent, autonomous robotic gardening, from seedling to bloom

Imagine an intelligent system employing a sophisticated robotic arm to sow and nurture gardens with precision. The Verdus robotic assembly autonomously plants seeds, administers water, and supplements the soil with nutrients. It can add and remove plants at will, and it can even harvest the fruits of its labor. Verdus is a self-sustaining, self-governing, and self-learning system that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

The vitality of these gardens is captured by cameras, providing a visual narrative of growth and facilitating adaptive learning. By entrusting the AI with decisive control, we entrust the very essence of cultivation, management, and growth to the hands of an intelligent, self-governing system.

Verdus can help reduce food insecurity and build food systems on planets beyond Earth.

Mission: Pioneer a sustainable, scalable approach to agriculture